The quality of our work is always our top priority.

3 Echoes Productions is a full-service video production company located in Mobile, Alabama. We produce videos of all kinds for national and regional clients in many industries throughout the U.S. Our experienced, full-time staff of video professionals can shoot what you need, anywhere you need it. 3 Echoes enhances brands by turning their unique stories into visually compelling marketing and information tools.

Founded in 1997 by national home improvement expert Danny Lipford to produce his Emmy-nominated television series, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford, 3 Echoes has grown into a nationally known production firm and the go-to video production company in the home improvement industry.


If you have an idea, we can bring it life. If you’re not that far along, we’ll help define your creative strategy. Whether you need a turn-key video solution or any piece in the puzzle, we’re flexible enough to fit your needs.

First, we’ll get to know you and your brand. We want to understand your messaging, your budget and your audience. Together, we’ll craft a script that tells your story in your voice and identify a visual style that clearly communicates your message. Detailed planning at this stage ensures efficiency once the cameras start rolling.

The perfect camera is only as good as the operator behind it. Our experienced, knowledgeable team of pros know how to match the right equipment to your project and capture the images necessary to tell your story. From studio setup to handheld, aerial to underwater…we have the gear and the experience. We’re right at home, wherever the shoot demands.

At its most basic, video editing is about fixing problems, removing the unnecessary, and enhancing what’s left. However, at 3 Echoes. we feel video editing is also the art of storytelling. Our editors use state-of-the-art equipment and software to blend HD video, static images, motion graphics, and visual effects to bring your story to life.

Sound design is more than a music track with a voice over. It’s a symphony of sounds, large and small, that enhance a story…a bird chirping, the soft hum of a motor, or the ticking of the clock. Whether we’re recording voice over in our audio suite, selecting the perfect music track, or finessing a sound effect, we make sure nothing is missing.


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Our Team

Chad Kirtland is our jack-of-all-trades at Today’s Homeowner Media. As the head honcho of 3 Echoes Productions he does a little bit of everything – producing, scouting, spreadsheeting, videoing, writing, editorialing, and the list goes on. He has a sharp wit, is super-smart, and you definitely want to pick him first on your bowling team.

Chad Kirtland
Vice President of Production

Scott Gardner is our creative genius. His official title is Creative Director, which is code for “does-whatever-it-takes-to-get-the-show-on-the-air.” As a gifted wordsmith, Scott makes sure our audience always gets great information they can use and understand.  When he’s not behind the scenes at Today’s Homeowner, Scott enjoys hanging with his wife, Anne, and their three handsome boys.

Scott Gardner
Creative Director

Grace under pressure best describes our producer, Allison. Except, perhaps, when she’s behind the wheel. Of the production van, in particular. A self-professed terrible driver, Allison is expert at writing scripts, dressing a set, and working closely with talent and production staff to ensure a seamless process and finished product.

Allison Kelley

Nathaniel Lewis is our ultimate behind-the-scenes aficionado. He makes sure we always have exactly what we need, no matter the job. We count on him to man cameras, set up lighting, run audio, corral cables, drive the production van, and a million other things in between. He eats steak and rice like it’s a religion, and we’ve never seen anyone over the age of 2 who drinks whole milk as much as he does.

Nathaniel Lewis

Mike Richardson is our magic man and tech genius. As our Motion Design Editor, he can make words fly, houses spin and has all sorts of other fancy editing tricks up his sleeve. We can all count on him to meet a deadline and make our TV show – or any other video or web project – shine. He is a kind soul and can totally be bribed with chocolate.

Mike Richardson

Rich Baldwin is our calm, cool and collected editor. Need a new sizzle reel 3 hours ago? Rich is on it, and all with a smile and can-do attitude. As a valued member of our outstanding production team at 3 Echoes he can usually be found in one of our editing suites, sifting through hours of footage to find just the right shot for a project.

Rich Baldwin

Brad Rodgers is the best handheld videographer in North America – and he’s ours! Since he’s worked at Today’s Homeowner for 16 years, Danny claims to have taught him everything he knows. Brad enjoys the finishing details on any home improvement project. He’s never met a caulk gun he didn’t love – the only thing he loves more is his sweet wife Jolyn.

Brad Rodgers
Director of Photography

While his main focus is editing video content for 3 Echoes, Joel has his hands in different areas of the production process from prep to finish. Always ready to jump in as needed, his enthusiasm for storytelling is contagious. A recent transplant from Los Angeles with his wife Tricia, Joel is thoroughly enjoying slowing down and he’s become quite excited about something the locals call “nature.”

Joel Sappington

Brandon is our Content Producer at Today’s Homeowner. He’s the newest member of our crew with an award-winning background in broadcasting. His to-do list is always filled with a wide range of projects including producing the radio show and getting the latest videos published for you online. His creative voice and organizational skills are his not-so-secret superpowers. He’s great at checkers, scared of chess, and will argue all day long that 90’s music still holds up to this day!

Brandon McFarland
Content Coordinator


Contact Us

75 Midtown Park E. Mobile, AL 36606          251-478-3345          production@3echoes.com